Beam Of Magic – Roguelike RPG

Beam Of Magic – Roguelike RPG

Magic roguelike online battle! Action & fantasy adventure rpg for co op games!

Android Android Action
4.2 ( 570 ratings )
Price: $0
Name Beam of Magic – Roguelike RPG
Publisher Zillion Whales
Genre Action
Size 215.25 MB
Version 1.19.1
Update Oct 26, 2022
MOD Unlimited Money, No Ads
Beam of Magic – Roguelike RPG is the most famous version in the Beam of Magic – Roguelike RPG series of publisher Zillion Whales
Mod Version 1.19.1
Total installs 500,000+

Whats New

- Halloween event
- New BattlePass
- Bug fixes
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Today I want to introduce to you another roguelike game for hardcore enthusiasts. Beam of Magic MOD APK (from the publisher Zillion Whales) combines adventure and monster-hunting combat in the open world. And it is the kind of game where you must go from the beginning once you die, which every hero gamer will always be excited about. 

Introduce about Beam of Magic

The great fight against the monster in roguelike style


Beam of Magic will bring you to a world full of monsters and a hero who must fight them all. Of course, you will play the role of a hero, taking turns going through many maps, exploring many different nooks and crannies, and fighting many small monsters and a series of big bosses. Only when defeating these guys can you open the door to go to the next level. The game also has many side quests for you to freely train and get equipment for better battle when returning to the main game mode.

“Specialties” are random combos at each level-up

A special feature in the gameplay of Beam of Magic is the ability to combine skills. Each time you level up, you can choose 3 random skills to make a new combo. These combinations both create an attractive combat power for the character and a “trick” that creates constant excitement for the players. You will look forward to leveling up to see what new things you will get. And that feeling of expectation makes you constantly move and overcome the rounds.

The world in Beam of Magic has many monsters. But no worries because our hero is gradually equipped with a lot of different magic to keep the battle in balance. Each monster has different characteristics. Sometimes because of the game’s fast fire speed, you forget to identify them. But if you spend a little time re-examining after each level, you will realize that each has its weak point, and by aiming it right, the fight will be much more labor-saving. 

Fast-paced fighting game

Everything in Beam of Magic happens at a fast pace. Without long storytelling, the game puts you straight into the game. It announces 3-skill combos when leveling up quickly. And how monsters appear in front of or right behind you is equally quick. And especially, the shooting speed of the main character is super fast. Sometimes it makes me feel like I’m fighting and running because so many things happen at the same time. But after each sweaty hand playing turn, there is always a sigh of relief because you see yourself having just done a miracle. That’s the fun of those fast-paced roguelike games.

There is only one task, and the companion isn’t very smart

Your task is to kill all the small monsters along the way, explore the areas under the boss’ control and defeat the boss to go to the next level. The world of Beam of Magic is completely open. You can go anywhere and choose any dark alley to enter, as long as you destroy all monsters to continue the journey. Every time you kill a monster, the score will automatically be accumulated to upgrade your level when enough.

Next to you will also be a companion, a cute little monster. It also changes shape and skill when you upgrade. But to be honest, the AI ​​of these friends is not good. They are quite soft and sometimes even confuse your eyes. In my opinion, sometimes no companion is better.

Graphics and sound

I will talk about the sound of Beam of Magic first. Because for me, this is the really impressive part, more than the visuals. As soon as you enter the game, take your first steps, and fire a few shots, you will know what I mean. Crispy gunfire rang out, shaking the whole game screen. The power from the sound of the weapons is extremely large. It sounds like you’ve already overwhelmed all the monsters. For Bosses, there are also very strong ones. Sometimes they can shoot bullets continuously, or shoot bullets in all directions, and the accompanying sound is also terrible. Every time I enter a new level, it feels like entering a war of sounds and weapons, making people feel hot with excitement. Super interesting!

Beam of Magic uses simple 3D images. The levels are completely different from the design to the general color tone, the types of monsters, and the boss. The most impressive visual effects are probably the super-smooth movements of the main character and the monsters, along with the series of colored lights emitted from the weapons. The world is not so beautiful in a poetic way. It is good but a bit dark and simple for players to focus on the continuous battles.

MOD APK version of Beam of Magic

MOD features

  • Unlimited Money
  • No Ads

Download Beam of Magic MOD APK for Android

The game also has an Online game mode with many other players in PvE-style battles. When you have more allies besides you, you will find the game much more interesting. 

Why don’t you try it out now? Download the game here!

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