Bubbu – My Virtual Pet Cat

Bubbu – My Virtual Pet Cat

Play cute virtual pet games with my cat. Take care of a pet in fun kitty games!

Android Android Casual
4.2 ( 392 ratings )
Price: $0
Name Bubbu – My Virtual Pet Cat
Publisher Bubadu
Genre Casual
Version 1.102
Update Oct 25, 2022
MOD Unlimited Money
Bubbu – My Virtual Pet Cat is the most famous version in the Bubbu – My Virtual Pet Cat series of publisher Bubadu
Mod Version 1.102
Total installs 100,000,000+

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In the past, anyone who was fascinated with virtual pet games certainly understood the fascination of that game genre. It creates curiosity and makes us more responsible for taking care of pets at home. Those who like can try this virtual pet game named Bubbu MOD APK.

Introduce about Bubbu

My Virtual Pet Cat

Virtual pet game and borderless attraction

Any age will love to have a pet. It is human nature to want to be close to, love, and care for an animal. This whole process will synthesize many feelings: joy, suspense, excitement, happiness, anticipation. These are all positive emotions and nurture good energy for players. That’s the reason that I always want to play a virtual pet game. In my list of games, I always save space on my phone for a favorite virtual pet game. The game I chose is Bubbu.

When I was a kid, I used to have a dog. He was so adorable, loyal, cuddly, loves to play, and loves me very much. After some time, he was no longer together for some reluctant reasons. During that time, I cried all my tears. The sadness has also disappeared, but it is still a contradiction that has not been erased yet. I just want to raise a pet to love, pat, and share, but I don’t want to because I’m afraid the old scenario will recur, and my current conditions do not allow it. So I chose to raise virtual animals on Bubbu.

How to raise a cat

Bubbu is the name of the main character cat in the game. As a breeder and caretaker, you will spend every exciting day taking care of your cat and watching it grow up. Activities from large to small, from daily to occasional, bring an interest. In the morning, wake up to bathe the cat, feed, take it for a walk, come back to feed, and lull the kitten to sleep. Those are everyday things. In addition, there are many other fun activities such as patting, loving, playing with pets, and interacting with many different objects in your home space. This game also has no shortage of big and small tasks during the day that you need to complete to get to the next level.

My favorite is taking the kitten Bubbu “around the world”. The big world out there has a lot to explore. You can accompany Bubbu to meet new friends, make friends, chat over the phone. You can also play minigames together, earn gold coins and collect diamonds to unlock new gadgets, buy more food, accessories to change into new clothes, buy toys…

Cute kittens need enthusiastic care

Let’s talk a little bit about the kitten Bubbu. Cats, you already know, are so cute, fond of cuddling, shy, emotional, deeply attached to their owners. The kitten in this game is full of all those adorable personalities. In addition, she also knows how to enjoy life. It is like to eat well, like to take selfies, like to make new friends, to hang out with old friends, to dance, to like to wear beautiful and stylish clothes.

But most of all, Bubbu is still a very affectionate kitten that needs your attention, care, and love. Like raising pets in real life, feeding and drinking are not enough, you also need to cuddle, pat, and share your feelings with your pet, then they will grow up full and healthy both physically and the spirit. That will make the emotional bond between you and kitten Bubbu will become closer and closer.

When next to Bubbu and take care of it every day, you need to pay attention to the indicator bars: Health, Fullness, Awake (not sleepy), Happiness (not bored). Don’t let any indicator drop to alarming levels. Keeping these factors balanced and stable will keep the kittens happy, healthy, and smiling every day. That is the ultimate goal of raising virtual pets.

Exciting activities

One of my pleasures when playing this Bubbu virtual pet game is the side activities. You can choose cat outfits, build Bubbu’s beautiful dream house, and customize home decor with cute furniture items.

I also love the little minigames in this game. There are more than 30 exciting games like Catcher, Cat Connect, Find the Cat, 2048, Paint the Cat, Jump, Pop Balloons, Cheese Builder, Fish Ninja, Cat Sings, Nightmare, Jumping Cat, Diver, Stick Ninja… You can earn money by playing mini-games to buy more necessary items and supplies for the cute kitten.

Besides, there are some activities that are not directly related but bring players closer to the game, such as growing organic food in the garden, walking with cats on the hill, on the beach, fishing, scuba diving…

MOD APK version of Bubbu

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

Download Bubbu APK & MOD for Android

Talking about virtual pet game, it is difficult to describe whether it is good or not. Only when playing, directly experiencing the process of raising, living, and patting the pet every day, can you feel it. So if you are interested in raising a virtual animal, download the Bubbu game right away. It is also very good for children to play at home, both nurturing love and stimulating their creativity.

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