Exile: Survival Games Online

Exile: Survival Games Online

Open world apocalypse survival simulator. Survive like today is your last day!

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Name Exile: Survival Games Online
Publisher Pride Games
Genre Role Playing
Update Oct 13, 2022
Exile: Survival Games Online is the most famous version in the Exile: Survival Games Online series of publisher Pride Games
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Total installs 1,000,000+

Whats New

Hello, barbarians! Already, we come back to you with a new cool update:
— We reworked the system of armor’s disintegration, now it will serve you better;
— The new rarity - epic! Use the Enchantment Table to craft powerful weapons with special skills;
— Added small, but essential features for the perfect gaming experience.
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If there is a game genre that always makes you feel the smallest, most confused, and scared without any horror elements, it is survival-fighting games. An outstanding representative of such a genre is Exile Survival APK.

Introduce about Exile Survival: Harsh Survival

Inherently, Survival has always been difficult, both in real life and in games. The games of survival always make me think a lot, even after I finish playing. The most frequent thought is: if I fall into that situation, can I do anything? Giving in to circumstances because of being too tired and stressed or crouching in a corner because of loneliness and fear? And even though I have played dozens of games, the excitement and tension kept coming from within, making me constantly fly from one land to another of survival games. Especially the game about the post-apocalyptic topic.

But before you play, I must warn you that it is too harsh. This is a real-life and death place, not the type of building a few walls to defend or shooting a few monsters to survive. Even the way the game starts will give you goosebumps because of how bizarre it is. Forget about plane crashes, shipwrecks, and getting lost in the forest. Forget it all! In this game, you will have a totally different plot.

Exile Survival takes place after the war between the gods, the green planet full of life before is now only dry, gloomy land, full of monsters left after the sweep of the supreme gods. A series of cities are abandoned. The entire civilization that people have built for millions of years has completely disappeared. The survivors have never felt anything worse than this. Even many of them feel that death is easier than having to find a way to survive in this world. Those who still have a little bit of hope will gather into different factions, worshiping different gods to keep some faith in themselves. 

Well, you’re not among that crowd. 

Because in Exile Survival, you will be an exile, the only one who always has a rebellious mind and has been kicked out of that small remaining community. The only thing you have is courage and a passionate heart. You are forced to embark on a battle for survival full of difficulty.

Who do you have to deal with?

Like real life, when forced to leave mercilessly, you do not have any belongings on you. You will launch a survival game with the principle of “everything starts from zero”. You will have to gather materials to make your own weapons, armor, find food to live by, and build a shelter.

Your enemies in Exile Survival are not only wild animals, exiles who are cruel and no longer human, but also a series of giant beasts such as poisonous spiders, scorpions, “products” fallen from the gods after the great earthquake. But your biggest enemy is probably yourself. You need to overcome the limit of patience yourself and bring your character’s will to survive to the top in countless races against time, to build shelters and everything to serve your basic needs. Because of them, you can survive and continue to fight. When you complete each mission, each defeated enemy will give you different levels of power-ups, slowly improving your skills and experience.

But luckily, there are many things you can do to make your life better

Here comes what I want to say more. Yes, it is the main character’s skill set. It is a milestone that creates a strange mark for the game and is also something that brings endless excitement to players. The skills in the game are extremely rich, helping you open your mind. You have a lot of unique moves and can freely choose them in different situations, with the sole purpose of maintaining your life for as long as possible.

You also don’t have to wait long for boss fights to find precious items. Anything can be created. They are somewhere among the rich resources of the land. And with your own slowly upgraded weapon crafting skills, you can create a variety of “toys” or different costumes without depending on the progress of the story. Just with determination, you can do all you need.

Exile Survival is also the classic hack-n-slash action genre

The authentic combat role-playing which is full of intense hack-and-slash elements in Exile Survival is most evident through skirmishes with enemies. You constantly choose moves, perform critical hits, use different weapons, and combine the many goods at hand to create a sparkling array, defeating every monster being the strangest, most ferocious in this land.

Wait, besides fighting, you have 1001 things to do

In the game, anything is possible. For example, when you are too tired from battles, you can return home, continue the tireless construction, build a monumental and solid base, create the necessary items for shelter, build long solid walls to resist monsters or any illegal invasion.

And you can also travel around in the game’s open world. You can meet, chat with NPCs to understand what terrible happened to the planet, the memories and legends of the people, and the last civilization that existed before the terrible battle of the gods.

But remember that whether you work, fight, or explore, you still have to pay attention to your health indicators to constantly replenish food and warm clothes. Otherwise, you have no strength to fight monsters.

Graphics and harmony

Exile Survival has many violent elements, sometimes up to the level of barbarism with scenes full of blood and gore. But in return, the surrounding space is quite bright, the detailed colors are clear and sharp, and the character’s shape itself is also very eye-catching. Given so, it has partly eased that horrible feeling of the battle screens. Anyway, this game is still not for kids.

Download Exile Survival APK for Android

Playing this hardcore survival game Exile Survival, you will suddenly realize that being alive is not always a blessing. Because sometimes, what we face after that is more terrible than the pain of loss. Sip a cup of coffee to wake you up, and then play!

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