Fishing Clash

Fishing Clash

Catch big fish in one of the most realistic multiplayer fishing simulation games

Android Android Simulation
4.1 ( 535 ratings )
Price: $0
Name Fishing Clash
Publisher Ten Square Games
Genre Simulation
Size 131.66 MB
Version 1.0.194
Update Oct 26, 2022
MOD Big Combo
Fishing Clash is the most famous version in the Fishing Clash series of publisher Ten Square Games
Mod Version 1.0.194
Total installs 50,000,000+

Whats New

Hello to you!
Autumn’s in full swing, and we all know it’s the best time to land some big chunks. And to make it nice and easy for you, we’ve introduced a bunch of game improvements. Cast in and enjoy smooth fishing!
Tight lines!
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Fishing is one of the sports combined with entertainment that is supported by many people. Because of the elegance, courtesy, perseverance, patience, but when it comes to challenges, it is as suffocating as any heavy sport. If you decide to go fishing, you must play the best 3D fishing game today: Fishing Clash MOD APK.

Introduce about Fishing Clash

Who says fishing can’t be fun?

Fishing Clash is a highly rated 3D fishing simulation game and is constantly increasing in the number of downloads. It is also one of the top 50 biggest grossing games on Google Play today. Talking about the reason, it’s probably just a few general lines like attractive simulation, intuitive gameplay, beautiful scenery, lots of fish… But dig deeper, you’ll understand why Fishing Clash attracts many players.

Fishing locations are so beautiful

I have traveled to many places, all famous landmarks, breathtaking seascapes, from Europe, Asia, North, and Latin America like the coast of Florida, Lake Guntersville, Kenai River, Nile River, Amazon to Loch Ness… Blue ocean water, stretching, golden sand windy. No one can sit fishing all day and just watch the sea. Honestly sharing with you guys, I’m also quite old, playing tennis and fishing all day. But this is the first time facing such a romantic fishing scene. After playing, I just wish I could once carry my tools to a place like that to let go.

Fishing Clash is for adventurers

Fishing is not only fun, it is also art. And every art needs the adventure to bring inspiration to the highest level.

You will have an adventure into the world of fish. Catfish, sea bass, mackerel, salmon, even sharks, and many rare fish species you can only find infamous seas… Their shapes are very attractive, right standard, turn to Google and you can see it has the same shape and color, and it also has a lifelike struggle when it is caught on a fishing rod. Each type has its characteristics, but it takes time to learn before you can expect to catch it.

We will adventure into the world of the most modern fishing rods and lures in the world. At each fishing spot, you’ll be able to find signature fish and hundreds of other fish. At the beginning of the game, the fish caught were only at eye level, such as carp, catfish. When going higher level, the fishing point is already spectacular, the fishing rod is significantly upgraded, the bait is more attractive and the fish caught are also extremely impressive. Moreover, you can catch many special fishes like sharks, giant bass, or sea monsters.

The unique world of fishing missions in Fishing Clash is also what makes you linger longer with the game. For example, fishing for seasonal trout, going to the Amazon coast to hunt for famous man-eating fish… These things aside from watching National Geographic, who knows when you will have the opportunity to do something like this for real.

Whether it’s spring, summer, autumn, winter, early morning or late afternoon, on a river or lake or a sea or ocean, whenever you want, just turn on the game and immediately enjoy the feeling of epic fishing. Imagine you are tired of your work, opening the game, a fresh lake, letting go and relax. All troubles are gone.

With Fishing Clash, fishing is an interesting experience

Fishing Clash does a great job in simulation. It can turn your dream fishing trips into reality. You will have to constantly click your tongue because of the overpowering appearances of the scenery, the “fish team”, the exciting quests, and the free gear to show off your talents when playing the game. Simulating the time of day, the flailing movements of the fish when caught on the rod, and the sound of the water pounding will make the fishing experience even more stimulating. But sitting here imagining through the words I told you, you have not been able to feel the life in Fishing Clash. You can only feel it by playing.

Endless game mode

Those who do not like the quiet feeling of enjoying the water alone can “register” to participate in competitive activities with anglers everywhere. Defeat your opponents with resounding fishing trophies and receive a lot of great rewards from the game, and also be named on the world angler map.

Every day there’s a new live event with decoy rewards, deals, and higher rankings. From time to time you can experience the Fishing Festival with limited-time fishing in the themed Battle Pass mode. Playing this mode, you can also see more unique fish varieties than the default play style.

There is an extreme fishing battlefield called Battle Royale in Fishing Clash, where you can compete with 4 to 8 people at the same time to catch a giant fish on a certain fishing spot. The only one to knock out the opponents will be the winner. If you think play PvP is still not enough, you can participate in Clan Wars to interact with other fishing masters, join a guild, or establish your clan groups to fight other groups. in general, Fishing Clash has many interesting modes. Only fishing, but you can play it all day without bored.

MOD APK version of Fishing Clash

MOD feature

Big Combo

Download Fishing Clash APK & MOD for Android

Meticulous, sophisticated, and very thoughtful 3D graphics, diverse types of fish, upgrading fishing rods with real effects, manipulating fishing simulations like real life, beautiful surroundings. For those of you who are not into fishing, try playing it, maybe you can add a new hobby to your life list.

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