Kingdom Of Heroes - RPG

Kingdom Of Heroes - RPG

Experience better strategies and story in the Kingdom of Heroes now!

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Name Kingdom of Heroes - RPG
Publisher NEOWIZ
Genre Role Playing
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Version 3.05.000
Update Oct 28, 2022
Kingdom of Heroes - RPG is the most famous version in the Kingdom of Heroes - RPG series of publisher NEOWIZ
Mod Version 3.05.000
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Kingdom of Hero: Tactics War APK is a new turn-based strategy game of NEOWIZ, currently available on Google Play, but not yet available for iOS.

About Kingdom of Hero: Tactics War

For those who love strategy games, this game is really a great choice for you. You can install this game for free by downloading the game via the links below this article. But before that, let me go down to the article to find out some interesting things about this game.

The myth of heroes

After more than a thousand years living in peace, King Arthur’s kingdom is threatened by the dark forces. Demons and monsters appear everywhere, destroying and plundering everything possible. The king ordered the most powerful warriors in the kingdom, gathering them to defend the kingdom. Tasks of the player in Kingdom of Hero: Tactics War is side by side the king and his friends fight to protect the peace of the kingdom.

Classic tactics gameplay

Map of Kingdom of Hero: Tactics War is like a chess board, divided into hexagons. Perhaps so they call it is the Hexagon Battlefield. With the turn-based gameplay, you can move the heroes on the battlefield by checking their location when it’s your turn. If the hero’s attack range is close enough, they will automatically attack the enemy. Remember that you can only arrange a hero in a single hexagon. You can not select a hexagon if the hexagon already has an ally or enemy there. And you can not move into the hexagons of the opponent’s territory.

In addition to moving, you need to select a target and select the skill that you use (especially if it is a hero in Wizard class). For added more tactics, the game helps you assess the hero’s power difference with the enemy through the colors of the arrows. When it’s your turn, you can click to enemies to see the details. The red arrow means that your damage is not significant, yellow is good, and the blue arrow means the damage you are causing is very big. Besides, you also need to pay attention to the amount of energy you own because without energy, your heroes can’t use the skill.

5 classes of heroes

Heroes of the Kingdom of Hero: Tactics War is divided into five classes, including Guardian, Fighter, Archer, Wizard, and Priest. Each hero possesses one to four skills, including a common skill (no energy) and special skills. Some heroes possess passive skills, which these will do in certain situations, so you need to learn how to max the power you have.

The other thing that important is the hero’s attack range. If the hero’s attack range is zero, you need to stand next to the enemy’s hexagon if you want to do damage to them. This is true of the Heroes of the Fighter class. The Archer and Wizard have farther attack range, you can see more in each hero’s information.

Runes and more

Like many games of the same genre, Kingdom of Hero: Tactics War has a Runes system that allows players to forge gems, upgrade gems or create new gems. Then, you can equip the heroes with these gems to make them stronger. They help increase stats, such as blue gems will increase the rate of crit damage.

If you would like to have the opportunity to open gems or unlock the characters, try hard at Arena or Dungeon and get lots of rewards. Adventure with King Arthur and the strongest knights on the journey to destroy monsters, find the last boss and protect the kingdom.

Download Kingdom of Hero: Tactics War APK for Android

Kingdom of Hero: Tactics War is a highly regarded strategy game. It brings to you the experience of a classic strategy game. You can download the game to your phone via the links below this article.

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