Stay alive while exploring the island, and find opportunities to be rescued

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4.2 ( 64 ratings )
Price: $0
Publisher Volcano Force
Genre Adventure
Version 1.112.0
Update Oct 27, 2022
LOST in BLUE is the most famous version in the LOST in BLUE series of publisher Volcano Force
Mod Version 1.112.0
Total installs 10,000,000+

Whats New

1.113 Version Update

1. Buffed the overall power of Stinger I Electromagnetic Pistols.
2. Added Type I Experimental Core which can enable additional Mounts in Bio Core.
3. Added new mounts, companions and special effects.
4. Launched the Halloween event.
5. Reset the Double Crystals bonus.
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Have you ever experienced the feeling of being alone on a deserted island? If not, try to play this LOST in Blue APK game!

Introduce about LOST in Blue

Survive on a deserted island amidst strange enemies!

LOST in Blue is an adventure role-playing game, in which you fight for survival, from the publisher Volcano Force. It really touches both my mind and my emotions so much. Play it and you will understand why!

The story was full of surprises from the beginning

Is LOST in Blue inspired by the famous American TV series, Lost? There may or may not be. Because obviously later the game is more thrilling and has many new details than the whole movie.

In the game, a tragic plane crash takes place. You are (apparently) the only survivor. Here we can choose whether the character is a male or a female. I chose a male for his strength.

Waking up after a collision making your head dizzy, you realize this desperate situation, and you know you must quickly regain your spirits to really start a real fight for survival. You will start looking for water, finding medicine for wounds, and bandaging injuries on your body. You also see coconuts around which can help with hunger and thirst for a while. You continue to walk heavily, and suddenly you find a girl who is apparently also the victim on the same flight. But strangely, she is biting another person. You know that she must be a zombie. There is no time to think much, you can just grab a paddle nearby and attack zombies before you are in danger.

However, she is not the only one. There is a group of zombies running at rocket speed. While confused, you missed one in the back. When you thought it was over, the screen switched to aiming mode, and then a bang sounded. It turns out that there is another person on this island, a girl named Jane. She was also stuck here, but a long time ago, with her daughter.

They managed to survive the day, built a shelter and an electric fence around the house to fight zombie enemies, and strange beasts on the deserted island. But the plane crash (of which you are a victim) destroyed everything in the blink of an eye. And the most urgent need to fix now is ​​the electric fence because without it, zombies will flood in, and at night there will be 1001 things surrounding them ready to take their lives at any time.

After understanding the situation, you, Jane, and later Clair, Jane’s daughter, will survive on the deserted island together. That’s when the real battle for survival and adventure begins.

Survive and protect those you love

Your task (and the NPC characters) in the game is to collect resources, craft weapons, tools, build shelters, store food, and build protective barriers (fence) to fight the enemy on this island. They are zombies (called mutants) who are mutated beasts; extreme weather; some other mutant survivors lurking around.

The adventure will take you to many intense survival scenes such as smoldering volcanoes, cold white glaciers, and green forests filled with danger. It can even be man-made obstacles such as expedition ships from the 1980s, secret laboratories, ancient underground ruins, and deadly abandoned temples… Do whatever you can to protect yourself, protect the two loved ones who have just entered your life… and above all, to find your way home. That’s all you have to do in the game.

Have you been shocked by such a difficult task? But it is true that LOST in Blue is so difficult.

So, to give the main character a way of life and also help him protect the “new family”, the game has been quite humane when it brings some useful features for survival.

Firstly, you can collect weapons, essentials and store them in your backpack. The collection is quite easy, just approach the green marked circles and touch the item to pick it up. Sounds easy right? However, in a situation where you are seeing a weapon, but the zombies are about to jump out, the feeling of frenzy is not pleasant at all.

Next, you can develop and upgrade your character in weapons and skills. Your arsenal after collecting can have many things, from basics like Axe, Wooden Staff, Sickle, Armor, to more advanced ones like guns. Even with each of the collected items, you can learn how to make your own weapons. Each item helps you a lot in different combat or construction situations.

You will experience all the things a normal person needs to do to survive. In addition to fighting, building shelters, collecting weapons, we also need to do a lot of other things to maintain life. They can be renovating the vegetable garden, finding seeds, planting, hunting, gathering, fishing… And even more complicated things to defend like arrow towers, electric fences…

Graphics and sounds

The 3D graphics of LOST in Blue must be said to be extremely impressive. Each character has a different shape, rhythmic movement. The battles are short, spectacular, and very realistic. With such a mobile game, the scene unfolding before your eyes is unbelievable because it’s beautiful in every detail.

Well, speaking of beauty, it must be the deserted island scene where everything in the game takes place. There are many nooks and crannies for you to explore: in the forest, on the mountain, down to the sea, and even in the underground. The scenes of each place are vivid, detailed with realistic 3D effects.

The sound is also an interesting highlight. The background music is gentle but always makes me feel like the sky before thunderstorms. On that light background, every character’s activity is clearly highlighted: the sound when picking up items, fighting with enemies, building, making weapons, and even walking in a quiet space. All are very real.

Download LOST in Blue APK for Android

I also think this is a great game for those who are adventurous and imaginative. Because it is going deeper into the player’s mind than just fighting or building and surviving. And if you can play it on a widescreen phone, tablet with external speakers, it will be so great. Because in the end, this is an extremely beautiful and cool mobile game.

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