My Time At Portia

My Time At Portia

Explore sandbox simulator featuring crafting and socializing in Portia

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4.7 ( 963 ratings )
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Name My Time at Portia
Publisher Nuverse
Genre Paid
Version 1.0.11232
Update Nov 1, 2022
My Time at Portia is the most famous version in the My Time at Portia series of publisher Nuverse
Mod Version 1.0.11232
Total installs 10,000+

Whats New

1、Added a text tip for when the inventory is empty.
2、Fixed an issue where the game becomes stuck on some devices after failing to log into a Google Play account.
3、Fixed an issue where the game does not start on some devices running Android 12.
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Compared to Animal Crossing, My Time at Portia of Nuverse APK publisher is not only famous for the PC version but also on mobile. Without too much difference in these two platforms, the game will take you into the vast world full of natural green and boundless freedom.

Introduce about My Time at Portia

Discover the colorful life in peaceful Portia


The story begins when you play as a young girl or boy who is going to a new land called Portia town to receive an inheritance gift from your father. It’s a crafting workshop created by your father and the only thing that will help you find out the reason for his disappearance, accompanied by a notebook detailing recipes for hundreds of different items. From here, you can see that the road ahead of you is full of challenges.

Immerse yourself here, you will connect with many interesting people, gather resources and perform silly tasks like playing knife, hammer, scissors with the receptionist in town hall. You will also craft items found in Father’s notebook and go through extremely dangerous things such as exploring the dark caves of Amberland… For each mission, you may need tools and different aid. These items can be made by yourself from the manual or have to be purchased by money.

Crafting items mission

From Father’s notebook, and then due to circumstances, you will craft each item one by one by yourself. The game places a lot of emphasis on crafting tasks. So, you guys just know in advance that you will be extremely restless when playing this game.

My Time at Portia also has scenes about farming. But this in the game is not the main thing (the main thing is crafting and adventure), so it only contains planting seeds, watering plants and harvesting immediately. And of course, to do these things, you will have to manually make a series of farm tools such as pots, hoe, shovel… This takes more time and effort. It is possible to briefly describe the weight of the challenges with this sentence: To farm is easy but to have a place and tools for farming is difficult.

2 groups of items:

  • Small objects: you will learn how to do through the Notebook, such as hammer, plow, pickaxe, knife, shovel…, which are usually much easier to do. Since the materials are usually available in the workshop or on the farm, just collecting them is done.
  • Large objects: the recipe for making these large objects is often shown through detailed drawings. Most of which are difficult to do, a few are extremely difficult. You have to build each part individually according to the drawings. Sometimes it is so large that it has to be placed in different spaces of the farm. Sometimes the difficulty is in the materials like the reptile skin case I mentioned above. Moreover, there is a situation where part A is finished but part B still has to wait for the opportunity to come, so the whole machine will wait until it is full and then reassemble the finished product. Machines are classified complexly such as trucks, cranes, large harvesters, weapons…

The challenges in My Time at Portia are highly logical and require a whole strict sequence. For example, you want to create an item to serve the discovery of your ruins, but it will be quite difficult because it requires some poisonous materials like giant reptile skin. You will have to make a trip out of your workshop, find, fight, kill and skin them then bring them back to make items.


My Time at Portia allows you to gather materials from lots of different sources. There are available materials such as straw, wood, stone, and sand that you can get around the farm or in a patch of forest near the house. As for special materials such as copper, iron, stone, crude oil… you must go to the forest to find, go to the abandoned mine to exploit, or cut from big rocks. Others can only use money to buy at the shop in town.

Finding the materials is not all. You still need to process it a bit before putting it into use. For example, wood from the forest must be split into boards to use; iron must be baked to make a certain shape; leather must be sewn into a large sheet…

Spend time exploring the vast world around you

As the core of an open-world simulation, most of your time in the game is spent exploring and scouring every nook and cranny of the town of Portia. You will be equipped with a jetpack and a scanner to detect ancient ruins and surrounding materials. The character’s town exploration will be a little easier. However, the small size of the mobile screen is not as “fantastic” as it is on a PC. That’s why you need to be careful with the battle screens, sometimes the small screen is not very beneficial for you.

One more point is about NPC characters. Compared to the PC version, the NPCs above do not seem to have too much “playground” and do not interact too much. But in return, the game retains the diversity in the character line, builds a full relationship and still has the necessary climax in the deep relationships of the main character.

Mechanism of collecting and upgrading

Through relationships, meetings, conversations with people in the town, you will receive different large and small tasks. People here always have something to ask for help and pay for so don’t worry, you’ll always get something you don’t need now that you’ll need later. You can even preview the bonus to decide whether or not you should take the job. After completing, in addition to wages, we will also have more experience points to upgrade and reputation points to “attract” more potential “customers”.

The second stuff to collect is the recipes. Item crafting isn’t just confined to the Father’s Notebook. Therefore, you will have more chances to get new Crafting Recipes. Some recipes will be unlocked when completing quests or trading with villagers in the form of crafting.

The best part is the player’s own skill. Each time you level up, you’ll get bonus points to increase whatever skill you’re looking for. Skills are divided into 3 groups: combat skills, material gathering skills, and communication skills. Depending on the time and actual situation, you will choose different upgrade skills.


Download My Time at Portia APK free for Android

3D graphics is vivid with a large and poetic open world. The missions are so attractive that you can’t stop playing. The sound is melodious, full of energy. If there is a reason not to play My Time at Portia, it is only because of the fear of addiction.

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