Ocean Survival

Ocean Survival

Survive in a lifeboat drifting in the ocean as long as possible!

Android Android Action
4.1 ( 234 ratings )
Price: $0
Name Ocean Survival
Publisher Candy Mobile
Genre Action
Size 21.71 MB
Version 2.0.2
Update Oct 25, 2022
MOD Unlimited Coins
Ocean Survival is the most famous version in the Ocean Survival series of publisher Candy Mobile
Mod Version 2.0.2
Total installs 10,000,000+

Whats New

Fixed some crash bugs of the game. Thanks.
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Living alone after a massive storm in the ocean, what will you do? Give up for your fate or strive till your last breath to survive in the encirclement of waves? Ocean Survival will bring you into the survival world in such a wondering way.

Introduce about Ocean Survival

Overcome yourself and survive in the vast ocean

Survival games are very developed recently

Life is full of surprises. Your job is to prepare yourself mentally before the “intense storm” really hits. The past two years with a global pandemic seem to be the best example of this life’s unpredictable situations. So, it is understandable that in a brief time, survival games have become so popular. It’s time for us to truly learn to survive in the most horrible conditions.

One of the classic topics is survival in the middle of the sea. Those who are interested in this popular survival story, please try Ocean Survival.


Ocean Survival is a survival simulation action game from the publisher Candy Mobile. The story is about a man who lost his ship at sea. And after struggling with a widespread storm, you become the only survivor in the vast ocean with a lifeboat. What will you do to survive in this desperate and dangerous situation?

The secret to survival in the middle of the sea

The game opens with the fearsome feeling of the main character with a first-person perspective. A vast stretch of blue increases the fear in you. But after you have mentally adjusted, you must think of ways to cope with everything that can happen here. Watch out for the survival stats on the right corner of the screen: the face is the happiness indicator; the stomach is the food indicator; the bottle is the drink indicator; and the cross is the casualty indicator. Always ensure that these indicators are in the ideal balance, especially the face image should be a smiley face instead of turning to a sad red face.

But for these indicators to be always optimistic, you must be constantly moving by collecting tools and belongings drifting at sea from a shipwreck or from a floating source. The first thing you need to do is use a fishing rod to pick up as many items on the sea. Save it to provide food, drink and build a safer canoe.

However, life is not smooth. You cannot have a peace of mind to find food, cook and build a lifeboat into a large ship in a few short days. Continuously in the long day and night of survival, you not only keep yourself safe by balancing health indicators, but also must constantly create different weapons to fight back every danger lurking in life. Sharks lurk on all sides; a giant octopus threatens to twist you down to the side of the boat; storms mercilessly lash out at your dinghy; the dark night sky is completely unsupportive… There are many more reasons why your life is always in a state of dilemma.

What can collecting many items floating on the sea help you?

First, they will help your crafting process. You can create weapons for hunting fish, repair the fragile lifeboat into a larger raft, a ship and finally a haven for a series of days at sea.

Second, sometimes they are also food, drink, or some cool piece of equipment that makes the process of renovating your boat faster and more convenient.

For example, a piece of wood from a large ship’s wreckage can help make the hull of a boat, and crates, boxes can be used to store fresh water and food. Some small miscellaneous metal tools can be considered together with wood to make weapons of varied sizes. This series of weapons will quickly show their benefits, helping you fight bloodthirsty sea creatures. Or they will simply be tools for you to catch every day.

Myths about survival

Playing this game for a few dozen minutes, I realized that it is not the giant creatures that are the scariest because they do not always appear. It is the hunger, thirst, health problems and feelings of hopelessness that torment you every day, every hour. It is exactly like what would happen if you were to fall into this tragedy. In this uninhabited place, a drop of water is also a diamond and a can of canned food accidentally found in a floating object is already a piece of gold. And you must always be alert, any flu, no matter how small, can be the cause of collapse before the challenge of survival.

Do everything and be quick to survive as long as possible. Build yourself a safe, stable raft to continue the series of days floating at sea. Then you will be properly rewarded when one day you find a small island. This is a place where there are not only a lot of necessary materials, but also full of new enemies that may be ready to do anything to stop you. In general, seeing the island appear is fun, but be careful. No one knows what will happen.

MOD APK version of Ocean Survival

MOD feature

Unlimited Coins

Download Ocean Survival MOD APK for Android

First-person 3D survival game with attractive simulation, deep physics that reflects real-life situations. You will be surprised how much survival experience you can gather just by playing such a quality simulation game.

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