Star Wars™: Galaxy Of Heroes

Star Wars™: Galaxy Of Heroes

May the Force be With You! Unlock & battle with your favorite Star Wars™ heroes.

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Name Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes
Genre Role Playing
Size 87.62 MB
Version 0.30.1125675
Update Oct 26, 2022
MOD Unlimited Skills
Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes is the most famous version in the Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes series of publisher ELECTRONIC ARTS
Mod Version 0.30.1125675
Total installs 50,000,000+

Whats New

Our latest title update introduces a number of quality of life changes for Mods and a new feature, Mod Calibration! Mod Calibration allows you to tune your Mods even further by transferring slices between stats to create the best Mod for your roster.
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Those who have never known the blockbuster Star Wars probably do not belong to this planet, just kidding! Star Wars is considered a legendary movie and has naturally become the inspiration for many arts and businesses. Have you ever played any Star Wars-themed game yet? I have just played Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes MOD APK and could not leave it.

Introduce about Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Transform into galactic warriors in the Star Wars universe!

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is a high-quality 3D sci-fi game based entirely on the setting and story of the blockbuster Star Wars. So far, this is considered the best Star Wars game of all time.

Many things in one game

Honestly, I find Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes like a soft cookie, with a filling inside and black sesame seeds, almonds on the outside. Although its focus is on turn-based tactical role-playing, it has a little bit of Gacha when you have to constantly collect as many heroes as possible to dominate the game.

Let me talk about Gacha. Specifically, you will need to collect shards for a lot of famous Star Wars characters. After each battle, we will receive many loot and Shards. When you have collected enough shards and reassembled them to a character, you can use that character in your battles. You also use shards and loot to upgrade your army and unlock the next characters. Some characters can be unlocked with cards while others can only be unlocked in multiplayer mode, and the others must be bought by shards. Along with the responsibility of gathering talented characters, you also collect many other shards to increase your level in the ranking to increase the combat stats and attack power of that character.

One point I think needs to be mentioned carefully is that although the number of characters is high with many powerful skills, this game does not let you freely control the characters as you like. Those characters’ order is randomly set by the game. From this constraint, the difficulty has also increased several levels. That is why many brothers call it a good but hard game.

Strong alliances element

In each fight, you can control up to 5 different characters in turn. Each character has a basic ability (always usable) and a super ability (needs a fairly long cooldown). In addition, some special specific characters also have another special ability besides the super one, and a few others have abilities of healing, taunting, and leadership.

So, when entering the battle, you will need to choose for yourself a character as a commander who has the ability of a leader. Even if you do not have any character with this special talent, by assigning a role, you can allow that person to lead your mighty army, while the other members of the team will have passive rewards.

But we need to note that although they belong to the same group, each character also belongs to at least one faction (including Jedi, Galactic Republic, Empire, Rebels…). In addition to rewards from you, these factions also provide different rewards for their juniors. This branching and linking will bring a lot of alliances, options, and strength to your army.

The most advanced vehicle in the galaxy

Besides gathering talented characters with magical abilities, you will need combat vehicles which are the most modern warships. You will slowly get great warships for yourself when you win the battles. The Millenium Falcon, the X-Wing, the Imperial TIE Fighter, and many other great warships seen in the movies are all here. Collecting and upgrading warships will also bring you many unexpected great rewards.

There is a small note about the power correlation between characters and their warships: the stronger the character, the stronger the ship. Imagine you have a fleet of Phoenix 7 and even own a Ghost ship, who else can be your opponent?

Fierce battles between the Jedi and the Dark Side

The universe in Star Wars revolves around the landslide wars of different factions. And if you love these intense combat scenes in the movie, you need to explore the game’s Territory Wars mode. Here, you will participate in the most intense conflict between factions. They force you to plan short-term and long-term strategies, arrange an army, and direct troops to fight fiercely to take control over different territories.

Then you will go to Territory Battles where each faction will have many thrilling combat campaigns that will take a few hours of non-stop fighting if you go in. Or you can choose Raids mode to raid the veteran army you especially want to fight with like Rancor or Sith Lord. The victory will come with extremely large rewards. If you don’t want to stress too much, you can go to the Grand Arena, where you have the opportunity to test your strength in continuous mini-fights with different battle formations.

If you want to fight with other players, you can choose PvP mode in Squad Arena. Here you can test the strength of your team by fighting other players’ for great rewards.

The unmistakable Star Wars characters

It can be said that everything in Star Wars has become iconic, from the Jedi sword to the undying spirit of the galactic warriors. You will recall all the memories of this legendary movie series. In Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes, there are over 150 famous characters to be unlocked, from the lowly Stormtrooper soldiers to the mighty ones like Luke, Leia, Chewie, Vader, and Emperor Palpatine…

And yet, there are also superior heroes that everyone will once want to transform into, like Great Admiral Thrawn, Bossk, Ahsoka Tano, Bastila Shan, Ezra Bridger, Enfys Nest… What a real landing of characters! I believe you will both play and get excited about the upcoming battles, and your heart will be extremely hot when you know that you are going to meet your super idols for so long. Honestly, this feeling of waiting, suspense mixed with joy and happiness cannot be brought by other mobile games.

MOD APK version of Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

MOD features

  • Unlimited Skills
  • No Skill CD


If the game says can’t connect to the server, turn on VPN then try again.

Download Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes MOD APK for Android

In Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, you will truly be part of the Star Wars world where the most prominent people in the galaxy go into the fiercest wars. Every character, every movement, every attack is very real, very rhythmic like the original, blockbuster Star Wars.

Are you ready to relive many dreams of a young age where you wanted to be a hero of the galaxy to fight all over the world?

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