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Stellarium Plus

A realistic sky map to observe stars, planets, satellites and constellations!

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Name Stellarium Plus
Publisher Stellarium Labs
Genre Education
Version 1.9.8
Update Sep 11, 2022
MOD Optimized
Stellarium Plus is the most famous version in the Stellarium Plus series of publisher Stellarium Labs
Mod Version 1.9.8
Total installs 50,000+

Whats New

This update brings the following improvements:

- several bug fixes in the new Field of View Simulator
- fix compass calibration issue on some devices
- fix support for LX600 telescopes
- other bugs and translations fixes

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Stellarium Plus APK is an astronomical map where you can observe distant planets millions of light-years away through your mobile phone. It is an ideal application for those who are passionate about exploring the sky.

Introduce about Stellarium Plus

The whole universe is now in the palm of your hand

Do you love looking at the stars? Do you always wonder that, up there, how everything is arranged and is there a way to know the route of the other planets? If you really want to admire the beauty of the sky and discover new things about planets and constellations, you should immediately download Stellarium Plus to your device.

What is Stellarium Plus?

This is an astronomical observation application, helping you see all you want to see, and want to understand about the stars. With this app, you can determine the direction, constellations, star names, see comets, and see positions of famous satellites of the world and many other wonders.

The whole sky in the phone

Since ancient times, people have had the habit of looking up at the sky, observing every small movement of the distant planets, to get a lot of valuable information for life. Astronomy was born from there. In the academic field, it is always the most complex, precise subject that requires the most immense knowledge. It is also an aspect that many people are interested in but have little access to.

Besides, not everyone wants to learn about planets, constellations, galaxies as deeply as experts. Most people just want to observe, find out the relationship, see the position and name of the big stars. At this point, a sky map application like Stellarium Plus will be a very accurate choice.

Just install Stellarium Plus on your phone, your phone will immediately transform into a portable telescope for the owner to freely explore the sky. With this new telescope, you can observe almost all the stars and constellations in the sky. You can see nebulae, galaxies, star clusters, or large objects in the sky such as famous satellites in the world somewhere on a mission. Everything that pops up from Stellarium Plus can be displayed as a sky map which can be zoomed in and out at will. The whole universe is now like a miniature map in your hand.

Reliable databases and information

To connect and display all the information that users are interested in, Stellarium Plus owns a huge amount of data. More than 600,000 stars can be displayed simultaneously on the sky map. Each star and planet itself have a huge amount of information available for you to look up and read at any time. Stellarium Plus also has a lot of information about the constellations, their location, how they connect, the change according to each time of the year. There are also zoomed-in images of each planet and star. And if you’re looking for the best, Stellarium Plus can produce 3D renderings of the major planets in the solar system and their satellites.

In addition, when using Stellarium Plus, you can request to display the sky map in night view to protect your eyes or optionally choose the time and place of the day to observe at different angles. This feature is truly for tracking important astronomical phenomena. For example, for solar eclipses and lunar eclipses, different locations of the Earth will always give different observations. It will be beneficial for users to experience more objective and complete observation.

Personal feelings

After a short time of experience, there are the following points that I especially like from Stellarium Plus:

  1. From the moment you open the application on your phone, Stellarium Plus has automatically provided the location you are standing in (the app requires GPS to be turned on when used). But if you want, you can choose to observe the sky from a different angle in the world as I mentioned above. This freedom of customization and choice helps users save a lot of time and observe most realistically, from where they are.
  2. Observation time can also be customized. If you do not intervene, the default will automatically adjust the time from the time you are observing until a later session (for example, it is the day, Stellarium Plus will automatically adjust to the evening). During that time, what happens or how things move, all will be recorded.
  3. Stellarium Plus interface is very good. As on the main observation screen, there will always be 8 main features displayed as buttons:
  • Button 1: represents the lines connecting the stars in a constellation
  • Button 2: represents the constellation name
  • Button 3: represents the constellation (the name and symbol of signs)
  • Button 4 and 5: represents the lines of longitude, latitude
  • Button 6: represents the light pollution effect
  • Button 8: represents the specific location of star systems
  • Button 9: displays the position of artificial satellites
  • Button 10: orient through the compass

Putting all the important features on the main screen of Stellarium Plus seems like a smart decision. Because once focused on the sky map, the users will feel very uncomfortable if they must turn to another page to get the information they want and then back to the map again. It could interrupt the observation process and lose the user’s memory.

Preferably, to me, these buttons are displayed modestly and neatly on the main map. They are not too big but still enough for players to recognize and touch if needed. This is what shows the sophistication of the developer.

Download Stellarium Plus APK free for Android

Stellarium Plus is one of the very few astronomy apps on mobile. And it is also a quality application with a large accurate database. Use it to observe the sky as a hobby or to learn and experience the change of the universe. Which purpose depends on each person, Stellarium Plus has succeeded in its role of leading and providing information.

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