Who Is? Brain Teaser & Riddles

Who Is? Brain Teaser & Riddles

Tricky brain games. Find clues, solve mysteries & train brain! Who is Lying?

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Name Who is? Brain Teaser & Riddles
Publisher Unico Studio
Genre Trivia
Size 173.49 MB
Version 1.5.5
Update Oct 24, 2022
MOD Unlimited Hints
Who is? Brain Teaser & Riddles is the most famous version in the Who is? Brain Teaser & Riddles series of publisher Unico Studio
Mod Version 1.5.5
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Whats New

Bug fixes and performance improvements.
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Attention to detail is a sign of a sharp mind. Not only does it help people have more advantages in life and see problems more coherently, but also brings them a subtlety that many people admire. Have you ever wondered where you are on the scale of sophistication and acumen? Play Who is? MOD APK to self-grade and practice observation skills!

Introduce about Who is?

Play with the mind


Who is? is a puzzle game in a completely new style. It is unlike any puzzle game you’ve ever played: no simple match 3, no puzzle, no need to find passwords or match words or decipher any complex sentences. Your task is to observe the pictures and the actions of the characters in each puzzle, then answer the question “Who is the person…?”

Depending on your ability, you will try your best through different difficulty levels of the game. By observing the image and looking at every detail in the picture (the characters and objects) to find unreasonable points, you will get clues. The secrets hidden deep inside will slowly appear and lead you to the final answer. Later, the clues become more difficult to find out, the irrationality also becomes more reasonable, making it difficult for you to find the truth.

Remove the veil of the mind

There is a way to remove all the “veils” above very effectively. That is forcing the brain to constantly move and look deeply into things to find the truth. At this time, reason will be constantly challenged, and the mind is strongly teased. You will learn a lot and be motivated to see the truth better.

That is also the principle of the game Who is?. Let me give you an example. There are 3 women standing close to each other on the road, and nearby, an old woman is falling on the road. The question is “Who made the old lady fall?”. At first glance, you don’t see anyone suspicious. But when you look more closely, you begin to observe the eyes, gestures, and direction of movement of the other three women. Suddenly you will realize there is something unusual about the woman who moves in the same direction as the old woman. Going in the same direction is usually harder to cause someone to fall than going the opposite direction. But hey! She’s going to the left, but one of her feet seems weirdly bent like she’s turning from the right suddenly to the left. The hand posture also shows the same thing, a strand of flying hair is also in the same direction. The other two have no such abnormality on their bodies. So, does that girl make the old lady fall?

There are many situations in the game. You will have to find the villain, the traitor, the fault-maker, the hidden person. Some other situations even seem very simple, such as finding out who the mother is, who the werewolf is, who the man is… Anything can happen, and your mind can be deceived at any time.

In the limited time allowed for each question, your task is to try to think and tap on the character you think is the answer. Then wait to see what the correct result is with detailed explanations for the answers.

Mind teasing

The human brain is sometimes very logical, but sometimes unexpectedly irrational. People are often deceived by sight or emotion, leading to a state where we only believe in what we want to believe and only see what we want to see. This dangling state between emotions and reason leads to many errors in judgment and recognition of the truth.

You can’t always guess the correct answer in the game. There are a lot of situations where what you see is not what is true. So, the first thing you must do is to get rid of all your personal biases, emotional thinking habits, and speculations that defy logic. This game will really be difficult for the following two types of people. The first ones are stubborn and always believe they are right. They will often be locked in thinking in only one direction, and from there, it is difficult to see anomalies other than the logic that has been missed. The second type of people are romantic people who rarely use their minds to think logically. They trust only feelings. For example, when they see the character’s eyes are a bit deceitful, they ignore all the clues around and decide that is the killer right away.

The mind is always being toyed with. The only thing you can trust is logical reasoning and evidence in front of you. Don’t believe in anything else. This is the survival principle of the game.

If you play once, you will want to play again 

If you choose the wrong one, you will be angry, blame yourself for not paying attention to that detail, and ask yourself why you don’t see it when it shows irrationality. That anger will be the motivation for you to keep playing, continue another question to challenge your mind until you find the right answer.

If you choose correctly, you will be more motivated to move on to the next question because you feel like you are getting the reward you deserve. Curious after curious, see if the next level can make it difficult for you.

Right or wrong, you are always motivated to keep going. That is the different point of this game.

Experience of the brain challenge is also attractive partly thanks to the artistic image in a fun style that the developer has chosen throughout the questions. The visuals look very liberal and carefree, but when taking a closer look, you will see it is very detailed, and everything appears for a reason. The deeper you go, the better your mind will have a habit of looking at things, the more you will admire the team that made this game. “Where can there be such a good and smart situation?”, I was wondering about that just after playing 3 questions.

MOD APK version of Who is?

MOD feature

Unlimited Hints

Download Who is? APK & MOD for Android

In respect of entertainment, brain training benefits, or logic training, I give them a 10/10 mark. The game has beautiful images and good situations, deeply detailed settings, constantly taking players from one surprise to another. What a good game for brain training!

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