YAZIO Fasting & Food Tracker

YAZIO Fasting & Food Tracker

No-Diet Weight Loss: Lose Weight with Calorie Counting & Intermittent Fasting

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We're so happy to see you're using YAZIO to reach your goals! To help make things even easier for you, we've made further improvements to the app. Good luck!
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YAZIO MOD APK is an app that counts calories, supports your weight loss and fasting process, to lead to the fastest success without having to abstain too much.

Introduce about YAZIO

Manage your daily food diary, track your activities and lose weight successfully with the Calorie Counter app by YAZIO!

What is YAZIO?

If you are still doubting whether the weight loss method you are following is effective, will the intermittent fasting process bring the desired results or not, then you should use an accurate Calorie Counter app like YAZIO.

Currently, YAZIO has more than 300,000 reviews and more than 50 million users. YAZIO is also an Android Excellence award-winning app from Google Play, enough for you to see how helpful and practical it can be.

YAZIO is an app that specializes in supporting the weight loss process by counting calories every day, each session, and taking a handy Food Diary for those who are planning to lose weight or simply manage meals to keep a better shape.

Healthy weight loss

Intermittent fasting is an indispensable part for those of you who need to lose weight, keep fit, or work out for a healthier nutritional lifestyle. In Intermittent fasting, there are many ways to do it: 16: 8 or 5: 2. Each person, depending on the nutritional needs of the body, depending on their own limits and weight loss/keeping goals, can choose away different consciousness. But if done right, done according to the goals scientifically, intermittent fasting can provide a good dose of nutrition, helping the body burn fat and rebuild muscle.

To do it better and more accurately, you should use an app that supports calorie measurement and meal logging, like YAZIO. With these powerful features in this app, you will no longer have to go hungry or struggle with the overwhelming feeling of intermittent fasting.

Calorie counting and food tracking at each meal

YAZIO will help you track calories and nutritional values ​​of dishes/meals of the day through a database of more than 4 million foods. The application also has a built-in barcode scanner. You can go through that to rank food for every dish you intend to load into your body. Or more proactively, you can use this counter to design your own meals and recipes.

YAZIO will help you with a comprehensive calorie analysis with modern calorie counting tips and tricks that are included in the app’s calculator by the developer. With this feature, you will no longer worry about exceeding or missing calories during the day, especially during the period of implementing a strict weight loss regime.

In addition, YAZIO also has a built-in reminder of the amount of water and time to drink the water of the day to help you easily get through your fasting period.

Your trusted assistant for intermittent fasting

YAZIO also acts as a powerful assistant for Intermittent fasting. When you start using the application, YAZIO will ask you some questions about the diet/fasting you are following, accurate information about the state of the body when fasting. Then YAZIO will start automatically autophagy and ketosis lists several fasting methods that are suitable for your body, including Hourly Fasting: 16:8, 14:10, 12:12, daytime fasting: 5:2, 6:1, 1:1, special fasting: OMAD (One meal a day), Enhanced fasting…

Once you’ve chosen a method, YAZIO will create a detailed intermittent fasting plan according to each user’s requirements. When starting to go on a schedule, YAZIO will always remind your fasting and eating times.

Your entire fasting/weight loss process will be recorded progress, calories put into the body, whether the schedule of drinking water is done correctly or not. And finally, it will give a specific report for you to compare with your actual performance. YAZIO in other words is an indicator and a measure of the effectiveness of the fasting process depending on each person’s condition.

Create meals, add favorites or input new foods

One of the biggest difficulties when deciding to follow a weight loss diet, in addition to being determined, is how to always have a delicious meal, not boring, no “scary” but still true to the original criteria, right with the number of calories to put into the body.

YAZIO will bring you more than 1,500 delicious recipes. Every week there is a new recipe for weight loss, low-carb, periodical, or vegan. If you want something, crave something, through the recipes available in YAZIO, you can find the right taste for you, even if you are on a diet: Pizza, casserole, salad, soup, grilled chicken… Recipes These are all very easy to cook, anyone can learn to follow.

Meal plan

YAZIO has more than 30 different meal plans to help you plan your own nutrition for your requirements: weight loss, fasting, muscle building, fat loss… Each meal plan will include all relevant sections: daily tasks related to weight loss, meal planning, tips and secrets for delicious meals, and an effective weight loss process. In each task, you can touch each detail to see how to make instructions, in the meal, touch to immediately suggest delicious recipes for each day.

If you use YAZIO at the Pro level, you also get a series of convenient features such as:

  • Meal plan helps to set weight loss goals twice as fast
  • Over 100 healthy and delicious recipes
  • Connects to Fitbit, Garmin, Polar, and S-Health
  • Take notes and track your moods and symptoms
  • Analysis of nutrients
  • Analysis of vitamins and minerals
  • More analysis including diet and body statistics
  • Evaluate your progress over progress

MOD APK version of YAZIO

MOD feature

Pro Unlocked

Download YAZIO APK & MOD for Android

Losing weight, fasting is an arduous journey, requiring a lot of determination and perseverance and a scientific diet. And YAZIO is a very useful support tool for you to do it.

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